Big, red and green describes the thinking, ideas and policies we need for the future. Big because the challenges ahead are huge. Red because only progressive ideas will deliver the better, fairer future we all want.  And green, because our impact on the environment is going to be felt increasingly by future generations.

Over the past few years I’ve worked within the environment movement and have come to realise that our thinking is nowhere near big enough, red enough nor green enough.  Every time we ask people to choose between their lifestyles or the environment, or companies to choose between profit or the climate, we are showing the world that we don’t yet have the ideas that will allow us to live the lives we choose yet within our environmental means.  I don’t have the answers either, but in this blog I hope to challenge us to think in these terms, to be dissatisfied with conventional environmental wisdom that says we all have to downgrade our lifestyles, and to come up with the big, red and green ideas we so desperately need.

best wishes

Melanie Smallman

April 2011


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